Top-5 iTunes Entrepreneurial Inspired Podcasts

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Top - 5 Entrepreneur Podcasts

Top-5 iTunes Entrepreneurial Inspired Podcasts


Top-5 iTunes Entrepreneurial Inspired Podcasts

This might be my favourite content in my blog posts to-date. Even if you’re not planning a start-up or anything entrepreneurial in your life, these podcasts come in handy if you’re into helping entrepreneurs market their business or brand. Keep reading to learn more about my top-five entrepreneurial inspired podcasts.

***These are in no particular order. Because clearly EOFire is my Fave~

There are tonnes of links to each podcast in iTunes to listen and subscribe, their website to explore, and social media to connect with the hosts. I hope you enjoy!

Top - 5 Entrepreneur Podcasts

Create Your Own Life with Jeremy Ryan Slate | Actionable Advice for Life on Your Terms

Jeremy Ryan Slate

Create Your Own Life

My Review: Create your own life is one of my go-to podcasts, and is also fairly new. It began in November, 2015. I started listening to it thanks to John Lee Dumas’ recommendation. During this podcast, Jeremy Ryan Slate interviews successful entrepreneurs, business people, and artists. I love the intro, it really pumps you up for the episode. His style is genuine and truly inspiring. I love the questions he asks the entrepreneurs at the end of the episode. He asks them what successful entrepreneurs they look up to, and what books they read for inspiration. It’s awesome to learn from the best.

Episodes run around 30-45 minutes long.



Mixergy – Start up Stories with 1000+ entrepreneurs including founders of Wikipedia, Y Combinator, Pixar and more.

By Andrew Warner, a fan of This American Life, Serial, Tim Ferris, Dave Ramsey, Richard Branson, Y combinator, Elon Musk, & you.


My Review: Start-up stories from entrepreneurs.  Andrew Warner talks to entrepreneurs usually in the tech industry. He talks to them about how they started their businesses. -Both successes and failure stories. Both Andrew and his guests are inspirational and unique and they give insider tips and tricks that you can apply to your own business.

Episodes run around 1 hour in length.



EOFire | Entrepreneur on Fire | Chats with Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuck, Tony Robbins and inspiring entrepreneur 7-days a week.

John Lee Dumas: Entrepreneur, Author, and value-bomb dropper


My Review: John Lee Dumas is BOSS. He is such an inspiration. I listen to his podcast on the daily and am proud to be a part of Fire Nation. JLD interviews top entrepreneurs from all types of businesses.

I also recently wrote a blog post on John Lee Dumas’ Freedom Journal. If you haven’t heard of it, give it a try! It’s how to accomplish your goal in 100 days.

I love the interview flow of EOFire. Though it’s debatable to ask the same questions to different experts and entrepreneurs, I believe that it provides consistency and helps the listener know what they’re in for for the entire episode.

I especially like the last question he asks:

“Imagine you woke up tomorrow morning in a brand new world, identical to earth, but you knew no-one. You still have all the experience and knowledge you currently have, your food and shelter is taken care of, but all you have is a laptop and $500 dollars. What would you do in the next 7 days?”

~Coming soon! ~A blog post on what I would do~

Episodes run from 20-39 minutes in length.



The Fizzle Show – Heart and Hustle, Self Employment and Creative Business


The Fizzle Show

My Review: This is a fun round table talk show style podcast about online business. I love the content and how informative it is about starting an online business. I love how upbeat the show is, it gets me stoked while I am working towards my goals.

(The Fizzle Show on iTunes is a hit-or-miss on loading the episodes, so I prefer to listen on Soundcloud where you can also download each episode and listen offline later)

Episodes usually run around an hour long.



Corbett Barr: 


Chase Reeves:



Steph Crowder:



Smart Passive Income Podcast: Online Business | Blogging | Passive Income | Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn: Online Entrepreneur, Business Strategist and Entrepreneur

$mart Passive Income

My Review: Pat Flynn is a successful entrepreneur. He gives great advice on starting your own online business. He interview entrepreneurs in web design, affiliate marketing, blogging, authors like Gary Vaynerchuck -just to name a few. He is inspiring, articulate, and definitely a top-podcaster.

Episodes usually run between 25-50 minutes in length.

His podcast is so popular and people ask him so many questions that he started a daily podcast called: Ask Pat Flynn. Episode’s run just under 10 minutes.




This completes my third of 7-blog posts about my Top-45 iTunes Podcasts Topics.

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